2021-22 Events

The CMES Spotlight Series features presentations on current research by the faculty and students that constitute our diverse scholarly community across departments, initiatives, and programs at UCSB. All events will be held via zoom. Links to register for our webinars will be posted a week before the events.

Fall 2021

October 12, 5 pm PST



Ajib and Gharīb: Coptic Icons in their Islamic Context

Heather Badamo (History of Art and Architecture)

Discussant: Reem Taha (Comparative Literature)


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November 5, 9 am PST

Shaping Self, Shaping Other: a CMES graduate fellows panel

Amy Fallas (History), Death of a Prime Minister: The Assassination of Boutros Ghali and the Origins of Egyptian Sectarianism, 1906-1911

Wael Hegazy (Religious Studies), Online Islamic Rituals and their Impact on Shaping the Muslim Communities

Ibrahim Mansour (History), Sufism, Philosophy, and the Reverberations of Power in Medieval Islamic Thought

Richard Nedjat-Haim (Comparative Literature), The Jews of the Middle East and North Africa: The Politics of Performance

Rachel Winter (History of Art and Architecture), The 1976 World of Islam Festival in Hindsight: Finding the Contemporary

Discussant: Dwight Reynolds (Religious Studies)

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Winter 2022

January 11, 5 pm PST

Guantanamo at 20: What We Haven’t Learned from This Debacle

Lisa Hajjar (Sociology)

Discussant: Gehad Abaza (Anthropology)

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image credit: Steve Mumford

February 25, 9 am PST

Infrastructure, Architecture: a CMES graduate fellows panel

Ali Derafshi (History of Art and Architecture), Memāri-e Irāni in California: Iranian and Persian-inspired Architecture in the Land of Sunshine

Samira Fathi (History of Art and Architecture), Architectural Patronage and Urbanization of Isfahan, 1700-1834

Anthony Greco (History), “The Greatest Irrigation Canal on Earth:” Muhammad Effendi Ismail’s Image of Infrastructure, Asyūṭ, 1900.

Tina Guirguis (Global Studies), Potty Politics: Toilets for the People?

Alice Kezhaya (Global Studies), Beirut’s EDL Building & Electricity Infrastructure’s Racializing Order

Discussant: Lisa Parks (Film and Media)

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