Professor Dwight Reynolds sheds light on the evolution of Andalusian music in the Iberian Peninsula

UCSB Religious Studies Professor Dwight Reynolds book The Musical Heritage of Al-Andalus is now published with Rutledge!

The Musical Heritage of Al-Andalus book coverExploring the history of first and second millennia Andalusian music in Islamic Iberia, Reynolds illuminates the incredible fusion of various musical traditions that occurred throughout cultural evolutions during the period. Often neglected in analysis by scholars of Muslim Spain, the diverse musical heritage of this region is fully expounded upon as Reylnolds explores a wide-range of musical practices, ranging from Syria to Morocco.

Professor Reynolds discussed his newest book with UCSB History Professor Debra Blumenthal at the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center on February 18, contributing to the center’s ongoing “Humanities Decanted” series. After the discussion, there was a lively Q&A. The book is set to receive a similar welcome at UCSB’s Mediterranean Research group in the near future.

by Matt Ross (CMES Intern)

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